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Hollywood Ranch Petrified Wood

Written By: admin - Nov• 25•10

Hollywood Ranch

The Hollywood Ranch near Sweet Home, OR is one of the best places for finding petrified wood in Oregon.

Finding Petrified Wood at the Hollywood Ranch

Digging for your petrified wood at the Hollywood Ranch is relatively easy, since they have areas where they have already dug trenches.

You simply pick where you think looks good and dig out the walls of the trench to see what you can find.

See some current prices on rough/uncut Petrified Wood here!

This is a great place for kids to come and dig. Children and grownups alike have a natural fascination for the idea that what they are pulling out of the ground was a living tree millions of years ago, and add in the idea that they are digging for a natural treasure. Now that is a recipe for fun with the entire family.

Unlike many fee for dig mines, at the Hollywood Ranch they only charge you for the material that you want to take with you, no entry fee or other fees involved.

If you dig up some petrified wood that you don’t want to take, or is just too big for you to take out, then just leave it there for the next person to discover. The current fee is $1.50 per pound with a minimum charge of $25.

Equipment to Hunt For Petrified Wood at the Hollywood Ranch

To do your digging at the Hollywood Ranch you can rent some of the basic tools from them or you can bring your own. Here’s a list of items you may want to consider. (Click on the links below to see whats available):

Small hand shovel
Pry Bar
-Soil probe
Rock hammer (useful if you plan on just digging a little or a lot)
Heavy-duty gloves
-Food and Water
-Good footwear
Knee Pads

Getting to the Hollywood Ranch

The Hollywood Ranch is open May-Oct, 8am-5pm, seven days a week.

To get to the Hollywood Ranch you’ll want to fly into Eugene, OR, and you’ll want to have a rental car waiting since the ranch is about 40 miles away.

You can set up your hotel in Eugene, OR although there are a few towns closer that do have some hotels in them, Eugene is your best bet if your looking for most of the chain hotels you’ll be familiar with.

Directions to the Hollywood Ranch

To get to the Hollywood Ranch from Eugene, OR:

Take Interstate 5 North for just over 22 miles. Take exit 216, this is state route 228 also called the Halsey-Sweet Home Hwy.

Turn right (east) onto this road. Follow the Halsey-Sweet Home Hwy for about 15 miles. On the right hand side you will see Old Holley Rd, turn right (south) onto this road.

Follow Old Holley Rd for just under 2 miles to the address of the mine below.

How to Contact the Hollywood Ranch

For questions about digging at the Hollywood Ranch contact:

Brad Newport 541-405-5990

26250 Old Holley Rd
Sweet Home, OR 97386

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  1. Dave Smith says:


    Have not been out yet this year but hope to soon. How has the digging site been doing? I imagine it’s still everywhere and you are still finding nice complete rounds. Came our one day last year but you were nopt home. Hope to see you here soon on a weekend.

    Dave and Paige Smith in Keizer

  2. David Smith says:

    Brad: Weather looks good this weekend. Cam you dig this Sunday. Would like to see your new honey hole

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