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Treasure Hunting For Oregon Sunstone

Written By: admin - Nov• 17•10

Oregon Sunstone

Are you ready to go on a vacation to find a little known gemstone that can put some real cash in your pocket, fetching from $20 to $1000 per carat* for cut gems? Then sunstone mining in Oregon may be the treasure hunting vacation for you.

See some current prices on rough/uncut Oregon Sunstone here!

Until the 1970’s Oregon sunstone was a nearly unheard of gem, as a mater of fact it wasn’t even acknowledged as a gem until then. Due to the sunstone deposits in the Plush, OR area, which brought large quantities of gem quality Oregon sunstone to the market, it finally got official recognition as a gemstone, and in 1987 it was named Oregon’s state gemstone.

What Does Oregon Sunstone Look Like

Oregon sunstone comes in many colors with the dichroic (changes color when moved side to side) red and green sunstone being the most valuable.

Shiller Sunstone

What sets Oregon sunstone apart from other gems in the same family is that many of them display a trait called schiller. This is a glint from within the stone when seen in the daylight.

So you’re wondering what causes this unique glint, well schiller is attributed to copper particles being aligned inside of the crystal matrix reflecting light.

This incorporation of copper is also what creates red sunstone. Oregon is one of the few places on Earth where this happens.

Places to Mine For Oregon Sunstone

Are you ready to get some of this amazing gemstone for yourself? Then you need to check out these premier free and fee for dig mines below to collect your Oregon Sunstone.

Spectrum Sunstone Mine Plush, OR

Dust Devil Mine Plush, OR

Sunstone Knoll Delta, UT

*Please understand the fact that although some gems are sold at a price like that, the odds are very much against a person not directly in the mining business ever even seeing a gem of that quality. Treasure hunting vacations are not about getting rich, they are not about the treasure you find in the ground, they are about the treasure you find in searching for the beauty that nature has to offer, and the treasure of enjoying time with family and friends. Enjoy your trip for these things and you will have a treasure hunting vacation of a lifetime.

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