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Royal Peacock Opal Mine

Written By: admin - Nov• 17•10

Royal Peacock Mine

The Royal Peacock Mine is known for it’s wonderful black opal, and they allow anyone to come on a treasure hunting vacation to get some of their own from the plentiful opal deposits.

current prices on rough/uncut Opal from Nevada here!

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Mining for Black Opal at the Royal Peacock Mine

For only $75 you can search through the tailing piles left around the mine. There are many gem quality opals still left in the tailings just waiting for you to find. Just be sure to keep a keen eye, and you should walk away with some wonderful finds.

If you feel like trying to make the really big find on your own, because you know it’s hard to leave with the big one in your pocket by going through other peoples waste material. Then staking a claim is the way to go, for $180 a day you can mine on the wall of the pit and stake your own claim there.

As long as you mark your spot and continue to return to it no one else will be allowed to mine that spot. So a good days worth of mining a spot won’t be lost the next day as long as you mark your spot.

Equipment Needed to Mine For Black Opal at the Royal Peacock Mine

So what equipment do you need to find some of the finest examples of black opal at the Royal Peacock Mine? Well here’s a little list. (Click on the links below to see whats available):

-Hat (the sun can be a little harsh out here)
-Sunscreen (once again the sun can be a little harsh)
Knee Pads
Safety glasses
Rock hammer (useful if you plan on digging in the mine or the tailings)
Heavy-duty gloves
Miners Pick
Small Pry Bar/Screw Driver (to help dig out pieces)
Small hand shovel
-Food and Water (no food is available at the mine)
-Garden claw
Small garden shovel

Getting to the Royal Peacock Mine

The Royal Peacock Mine is open 15 May to 15 October, 8am-4pm every day.

To travel to the Royal Peacock Opal Mine you’ll need to fly into Klamath Falls, OR. Be sure to have a rental car ready because it’s 160 miles to the mine.

The nearest hotel is in Denio, NV this is 37 miles from the mine.

A few options are available at the mine for overnight stays, including RV hookups, 3 furnished trailers, and many camping sites for tents. Call for reservations to stay at the mine.

Directions to the Royal Peacock Mine

To get to the Royal Peacock Opal mine from Denio, NV go south on state highway 292 to Denio Junction. This is he last place to get gas and supplies before the mine so plan accordingly.

Now take Highway 140 west about 25 miles to the Virgin Valley Ranch Rd turn off. You should see signs for both the Royal peacock and the Rainbow Ridge mines.

You’ll travel past the ranger station and campgrounds at Farina Ponds. Just after the campground there will be a Y in the road.

Take the right hand leg of the road, once again you should see a sign pointing you in the right direction, this road goes about 7 miles and ends at the mine.

Most of this trip is asphalt road except for the last 7 miles or so. The road is not hard to travel but good ground clearance would be helpful.

Contacting the Royal Peacock Mine

For additional information contact:

Walter Wilson at 775-272-3201 or email

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