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Treasure Hunting For Geodes

Written By: admin - Apr• 23•10


Are you ready for a vacation to find a treasure chest, how about many little treasure chests that Mother Nature herself has laid in the ground for you? Then hunting for geodes may be the outdoor treasure hunting vacation you’ve been looking for.

How to Identify A Geode

Treasure Hunting Vacations for Geodes can be fun for the whole family.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “How do I identify a geode?” Well generally geodes will be covered with whatever the surrounding matrix is made of, but you will be able to readily identify them by their round or peanut shape, and the fact that they will be much harder then its surrounding material.

So how geodes are formed? Well this is a very complicated question that geologists aren’t exactly sure of, so we’ll just go over the thirty-second answer.

Most of the time Geodes are found in sedimentary rock, that at some time in its history had voids form inside the stone. Over the following millennia water with quartz dissolved in it fills in the voids. As this water dissolves it leaves behind the quartz and other minerals that make the filling material of your geodes.

Class dismissed, like I said the thirty-second answer. The bigger answer is much, much, more complicated, but I’m afraid you would go to sleep reading it, and I would go to sleep writing it. All we really need to know is that geodes can be absolutely beautiful and amazing.

Where Are Geodes Found

So, where are geodes found? Well, there are many sites throughout the United States and the world. We’ve listed some of the very best below for you.

Jacobs Geode Shop and Mine Hamilton, IL

Dennis Stevenson Geodes Hamilton, IL

Geode Hollow Rock Shop and Mine Revere, MO

North Black Hill Geode Beds Blythe, CA

Potato Patch Geodes Blythe, CA

Straw Beds Geodes Blythe, CA

Cinnamon Geode Beds Blythe, CA

Dugway Geode Beds Juab County, UT

Hauser Geode Beds Blythe, CA

Sheffler’s Rock Shop and Geode Mines Wayland, MO (This site is now closed, a victim of the governments use of eminent domain to widen a road, but may open in a new location in the future)

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  1. Gene Fisher says:

    how hard is it to recover the geode at the Javob`s geodes mine

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