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Treasure Hunting for North Carolina Emeralds

Written By: admin - Mar• 25•10

North Carolina Emeralds

So are you ready to go out and get some of that green, the green that men have been looking for for thousands of years? No, not the green of a few dollar bills, but the wonderful, deep, rich, beautiful green of emeralds.

Emeralds have been valued for there beautiful deep green colors by many cultures around the world and still are to this day.

Cleaned Rough Emeralds

Emeralds today are found throughout the world including Brazil, many parts of Africa, India, and Russia, but the ones we’re most interested in finding are North Carolina Emeralds.

Emerald deposits in North Carolina have been mined for many hundreds of years, and there are many active mines still to this day.

North Carolina Emerald Mining

Emerald mining at the only two fee for dig mines, that are open to the public today, to dig for North Carolina emeralds, mostly consists of digging through soil, or in tailings piles from previous mining operations.

Both of these may require screening and washing your finds to locate the smaller emeralds in the waste material.

To screen your emerald bearing material you’ll need a box screen with 1/8” mesh screen in it. Simply place a shovel full of material in your screen and shake out the dirt.

Then take the material left in your screen to a tub with water in it or another water source. Now wash off your material to get rid of any remaining dirt that may be on the stones and begin looking for the wonderful green color of your emeralds.

Once you find an emerald staring up at you from the waist material, you’ll know why some men have spent a lifetime searching for these exquisite gemstones.

Emerald Mines Open to the Public

Currently there are only two fee for dig emerald mines open to the public that will allow you to search for your own North Carolina emeralds:

Crabtree Emerald Mine Spruce Pine, NC

Emerald Hallow Mine Hiddenite, NC

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