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Lake Superior Agates

Written By: admin - Mar• 24•10

Lake Superior Agates

Wonderful Lake Superior Agate

Are you ready to go out and find some banded beauties, ones that can put anywhere from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars in your pocket? If so then hunting for Lake Superior agates may be the vacation you’re after.

Best Place to Find Lake Superior Agates

One of the best places to find Lake Superior agates is in Copper Harbor Michigan.

Although these agates are distributed all throughout most of the state and into Wisconsin and Minnesota, many of the good areas have been picked over.

So to find the large Lake Superior agates, the ones that can put a little more green in your pocket, you need to get wet and go diving.

The folks at A Superior Dive in Copper Harbor actually specialize in diving for Lake Superior agates. Not only do they have classes on diving in general, but they also have a beginner class that will teach you to dive and take you out to hunt for your own agates.

Since you may be wondering, the reason that these agates can be found in some of the states to the south and west of Michigan is because glaciers 10 to 15,000 years ago picked them up and deposited them along the way, but Copper Harbor is still the place to go if you want the best ones straight from the original source.

The Beauty of Lake Superior Agates

Lake Superior agates are known for their rich red, orange, and yellow coloring within their bands. This coloring is determined by the concentrations of iron and the amount of oxidation within each of the bands.

Lake Superior agates come in many sizes, from less then an inch across to many feet across, although very large agates are extremely rare. They are also found with many different types of banding.

The most common type of Lake Superior agate is the fortification agate, with the Lake Superior eye agate being one of the most sought after.

If you’re not up for diving for your banded agates, you can also find them on land. For this you will want to see our Thunder Bay Agate Mine page. The mine is located on the other side of Lake Superior from Copper Harbor in Canada and their agate deposits are part of the same geologic formation as the Lake Superior Agates, although they are not technically Lake Superior agates.

Equipment Needed to Find Lake Superior Agates

So what should you bring with you to dive in some of the best places to find Lake Superior agates? Well, to tell you the truth the folks at A Superior Dive can rent you all the equipment you need, so here’s just a few things to think about if you have your own stuff, or if you plan on diving more in the future.

-Dive certification card (if you don’t have one they will train you)

-Wet suit (even in the summer the water is not exactly warm so be prepared)

-Dive equipment

Getting to A Superior Dive to collect Lake Superior Agates

Dives are only available during the summer, you’ll need to call for exact dates and times, and to set up classes and tours.

To visit A Superior Dive and get your own large Lake Superior agates you’ll need to fly into Hancock Houghton, MI this is about 25 miles from Copper Harbor, so be sure to have a rental car waiting.

For a hotel you can stay in Copper Harbor which has a few local hotels or if you prefer some of the bigger chains you’ll want to stay in Hancock Houghton.

Since the address below will take you directly to A Superior Dive no more exact directions will be given.

Contacting A Superior Dive

For questions about diving for Lake Superior agates contact:

Jake Anderson

12811 State Hwy M26

Eagle Harbor, MI 49950


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  1. I just got a new wetsuit and am trying to get a group together to go snorkeling and looking for agates up at lake superior… Hopefully it works out and I find some!

  2. Garry says:

    did you have any luck I am looking to go up you still look for any gems

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